And it Was Called… Yellow

I suppose only the Coldplay fans will understand this title… This fantastic Daring Baker challenge is also dedicated to Livestrong Day, which was two weeks ago. Had I planned a little better, I would have picked up a yellow Livestrong Bracelet and incorporated it into the photo… Yeah, but I don’t tend to plan ahead. Perhaps I’ll add that to next year’s resolution.

We had 4 hostesses this month (Lis, Ivonne, Fran & Shea) and a doozie of a dessert. L’Opera Cake. This was not your usual Opera Cake, however, as the colors had to be light… meaning no chocolate or coffee (the usual flavorings in Opera Cake.) I immediately thought of using a passion fruit mousse to fill the layers, instead of buttercream. Then I realized I have flavored well… almost everything with passionfruit lately. What can I say.. I’m passionate about passionfruit! Anyway, I just happened to have two mangos sitting on my counter… perfectly ripe. It was a sign, I tell ya. So mango it is!

I used a round cutter for some and cut the rest into rectangles and squares. Don’t worry, the pieces that were cut off were immediately eaten… waste not want not! The red sauce is a quick raspberry sauce… frozen berries simmered with a little sugar and strained. The white sauce is the left over white chocolate glaze, with a little more cream added.

The filling is a simple bavarian, flavored with pureed ripened mango, and I flavored the joconde (cake) with a rum syrup. Thankfully, the white chocolate glaze really added to the flavors instead of overpowering it. It turned out to be a very nice combination.

Here’s a little secret on how I got the glaze so shiny after refrigeration when there was major condensation… The big bad blowtorch. If you have one, very quickly run the blowtorch over the top of the cake, maybe 6 inches away from the surface. It immediately shines up the top and makes it oh so purty.

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