5 Minute Dinner

We’re officially in the middle of our busy season. This means much less cooking for me. So we’ve been eating grilled chicken, grilled salmon, basic pasta… and then on really lazy nights… sandwiches. But don’t worry, Stephan and I aren’t suffering too much… I like to make tasty sandwiches.

This is a very simple sandwich, cooked on my grill pan. I don’t have one of those fancy Panini Pans (YET!) but I do have a basic cast iron grill pan. I simply place the sandwich on the hot pan and then place a glass pie dish on top to mash it down. After a few minutes, turn, press… and voila! Pressed sandwich. Easy Peasy, and without a $150 pan!

Pressed Chicken Sandwich Recipe

4 slices good bread (I used onion rye)
1 tbsp prepared pesto
4 slices swiss (I used KerryGold)
6-10 slices Boars Head deli chicken or turkey
small handful arugula
olive oil

1. Heat grill pan over medium heat for several minutes until hot. Spread pesto on one side of each piece of bread. Assemble sandwich with a slice of cheese on both sides of the bread (on the pesto side), and the turkey and arugula between the cheese slices. Brush outer pieces of bread with olive oil.

2. Carefully place the sandwich on the hot grill pan and press down with a pie pan or small casserole dish. Let cook for 3-4 minutes. Flip and repeat.

Makes 2 Servings