A Peek in my Pantry

Since I’m actually organized for the first time in my life, I thought my first blog post should be about my pantry. I’m darn proud of my pantry and my fabulous rack… spice rack… that is. I’m a huge fan of using a lazy susan for spices, oils, vinegars, etc… so you can actually see what you have, without tearing your pantry apart. My previous pantry was so unorganized I would constantly buy things I already had. Never again!

I’ve purchased plastic containers for all my dry goods. Not only does it keep moisture and those lovely South Florida bugs out of your food, it’s much more organized than having boxes and bags of stuff everywhere. I even borrowed the label maker from my office and labeled everything… yeah, I’m a full-fledged kitchen geek.


As you will notice, there is no “convenience” or instant food items in my pantry. I only cook with real ingredients… never anything that just needs water and warming. I suppose the closest thing I do have to convenience food is Chicken Stock, and I only purchase the organic kind, which actually tastes like chicken! I love the paper cartons of Chicken Stock for convenience sake, as they are resealable and can be used up to 2 weeks after opening. I always have an open one in my fridge, to finish off sauces. By the way… you can either buy one carton at Whole Foods for $3 or 6 cartons at Costco for $9, and it’s the exact same brand. That’s your tip of the day!

Welcome to my blog! Come back now, ya hear!