Ben Harper, Musician

I know this is totally and completely unrelated to food, but I absolutely must share. Stephan and I went to the Ben Harper Concert last night in downtown Miami. I’ve been familiar with Ben Harper’s music, but never really listed to him much. After seeing him live in concert, I am now a huge fan. This was honestly the best concert I’ve ever been to. We saw Coldplay a few years ago, and it was amazing, but I think this one was better. Also the venue, the Gusman Theater was the perfect place for a show like this. He and his band, The Innocent Criminals, played every instrument you could imagine. One guy even played an accordian.

If you have not heard of Ben Harper, definitely check him out on his website or myspace page. He is a true musician, and an absolute joy to experience in concert. For more amazing pictures of the concert, go to Stephan’s blog.