Check out my Fannie

Check out my Fannie

My Fannie Farmer cookbook, that is! :p

My older bro, Ken bought this cookbook for me as a birthday gift during my first year of culinary school. Although it was sweet, I scoffed a bit… Fannie Farmer??? I’m like a professional, dude! I suppose this wasn’t as bad as my mom buying the Florence Henderson’s Shortcut Cooking… Yeah, that’s Mrs Brady from the Brady Bunch, if you don’t know who Florence Henderson is… What was my mom thinking… buying that awful cookbook for a culinary student??? I still tease her for that… :p

Anyway, The Fannie Farmer Cookbook has become my absolutely favorite cookbook over the years. I lovingly refer to it as my ‘bible.’ Any time I need a recipe, I always go here first, as this cookbook has most basic recipes and very simple directions. If anyone out there is looking for a wonderful basic cookbook, get this one… I hope you love it too!

I think its obvious how much this book gets used…. check out the sad state of this book. I just don’t have the heart to replace it, although its only 8 big ones. That’s $8… LOL! I’m quite attached to it!


I also have many, many other cookbooks… from basic cookbooks, to French desserts, to **gasp** Martha Stewart. Over the years, I have created quite the collection of cookbooks, well over a hundred. I also have all of my notebooks from Culinary School, which contains more recipes than I could ever cook in my lifetime. So I definitely don’t lack for recipes…