EuroTrip 2009

EuroTrip 2009

We just got home from our annual trip to the Fatherland (Germany) to visit Stephan’s family. Its a really good thing to have in-laws who live in Europe… I’m a lucky gal! We always do a little side trip somewhere during our visits… Last year was Rome and this year was a East European road trip. We started our road trip in Frankfurt and drove to Prague, Vienna and Munich. As usual, our traveling consists of two things… eating traditional food and photo taking. Or as the Germans say… <insert German accent here> Photoshooting. Check out some AMAZING non-food images that Stephan took from our trip.

This is us in Prague, close to the Castle and the Famous Charles Bridge

The first stop, Prague, was fabulous! Prague’s history is just amazing and there was such beautiful things to see in every direction. Stephan had a field day photographing the old buildings and the famous Prague Castle. As for the eats, the food we ate was fresh and tasty but nothing to write home about. The two restaurants we had dinner at were Kolkovna and Cafe Savoy. Kolkovna was packed with all kinds of different people, not just American Tourists (thank god!) We had a nice table outside overlooking the Jewish Quarter. We both had the typical Pilsner Goulash which was flavorful and very filling. As for Cafe Savoy, it looked really hip and modern, but the food was a bit lacking… I think it would be a great place for breakfast, as they have tons of pastries, though!

More Weiners and meat than should be legal….

Second stop was Vienna, Austria. And no, I did not see any kangaroos or boomerangs. Weird, eh? Our hotel was very close to a street that was lined with restaurants that all featured outside dining. I picked Witwe Bolte (the Widow Bolte), the most crowded one where I could hear no English spoken. It was a VERY good choice. I, of course, had the very traditional Wiener Schnitzel. This was a HUGE slab of thinly pounded veal that was breaded and pan fried. Not the healthiest thing, but fantastic! The food highlight of this leg of our trip was enjoying the Sacher Torte with a Cafe Melange at the Hotel Sacher. This was the one thing I wanted to do when I was there, and it was well worth it! Stephan had the apple strudel there which was also amazing. I highly suggest you treat yourself to this if you’re ever in Vienna.

Sacher Torte from Hotel Sacher

Apple Strudel from Hotel Sacher

Our last stop on our Euro road trip was the heart of Bavaria, Munich…. which is now my favorite city in Germany. I could have spent DAYS wandering the Viktualienmarkt, which is an enormous outdoor market that has stand after stand of amazing veggies, cheeses, meats and casual foods. All of the veggie stalls looked like a professional stylist just finished arranged it for a photo shoot. This market is where I tried the very traditional Weisswurst (White Sausage) which I did not like. It was a bizarre white sausage with the texture of a very soft mousse. The flavor was tasty, but the texture was just plain icky. However, the sweet mustard and pretzel that came with it made up for the yucky sausage. Then we went to the Hofbrauhaus, which everyone knows from Lampoon’s European Vacation. It was a huge old touristy place that actually had good food. I was all wursted out by this time and ordered Pfifferlinge in Krauterrahm (Chanterelle mushrooms cooked in herbs and cream served with a dumpling.) Fall is Chanterelle season in Germany, and this dish is seen on many specialty menus. Its worth trying and a welcome vegetarian treat after eating so much meat and sausage.

The weird Weisswurst… not my favorite thing

Check out these veggies at the Viktualienmarkt!

The Hofbrauhaus

Chantrelle mushrooms with Knodel (dumplings)

The whole trip was an absolute blast and I am ready to go back again. Other than the road trip, we ate very well thanks to my mother-in-law cooking and father-in-law’s garden. It was a good time, all around! So now that I am back home I’ve dusted off the old Wii Fit and need to get back to exercising and healthy eating! Wish me luck!