Flammkuchen and Wein

On our first day in Frankfurt, Stephan and I headed out to Fressgassa (downtown Frankfurt) for a little shopping and sightseeing. As usual, we stop for a little nosh. They had a weinfest where there is traditional foods and wine to sample. This is common during the warm months as the Germans love to sit outside with a beer or wine in the afternoon. We decided to get a Flammkuchen, which is like a very very thin pizza. Ours was topped with Creme Fraiche, feta, pepperoncini and red pepper. Very good. We also shared a glass of white wine and an apfelwein, which is a typical non-alcoholic sparkling apple juice you will find only in Frankfurt. Then we stopped for a Pretzel, then we stopped for…. kaesestangen. Good thing we’re doing a lot of walking, or we would have to buy a new wardrobe while we were here!

We’re off to Rome tomorrow, which I have been looking forward to. We have planned our sightseeing and dining very well, and hope to see (and eat) everything we can in the four days we will be there. I’m sure we will find a little time to take some pics and blog when we’re there.

Some pics of our little snack at the weinfest. Flammkuchen…

Bretzel (soft Pretzel)



  • bettina 11 YEARS AGO

    aahh, I am so jealous of you and your trip! I have such fond memories of the Weinfest in Heilbronn and even one silly roadtrip to Alscace for the “world’s best” flammkuchen. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  • VeggieGirl 11 YEARS AGO

    Ahh, I haven’t been to Frankfurt since 2003!!! Love it there. Soooo glad to read that you’re enjoying your much-needed vacation :-)

  • Dana McCauley 11 YEARS AGO

    It sounds like a perfect tourist’s day – I’m jealous but happy for you, too!

    The creme fraiche on the flat bread sounds interesting with the feta.

  • Shari 11 YEARS AGO

    The apfelwein sounds interesting! Have fun in Rome!

  • Jude 11 YEARS AGO

    Cool pic of the pretzel with the cracked crust. Wish we had one of those vendors here in Chicago.

  • Amy @ The French Kitchen 11 YEARS AGO

    Your trip sounds fabulous! Also, I passed on an excellence award to your blog.

  • peabody 11 YEARS AGO

    I so need that pretzel.

  • Tartelette 11 YEARS AGO

    I miss flamkuchen so bad. My dad’s ancestors are from Belgium and that is one dish he taught me early on…I mean what’s better than dough, creme fraiche, bacon and onion?…maybe more bacon!!

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  • The best!
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