Going to the Dogs

When I first started this blog, I really didn’t know what to expect. I figured I’d blog for a little while until I ran out of recipes and/or time. Instead, it hasbecome a part of my everyday life. I find it to bea fabulous creative outlet, and blogging pushes me to think about what I’m making for dinner or dessert. I started out doing mainly dinners, and it has evolved into more desserts and baking, as that is where my true cooking passion lies.

Although my husband is one of the biggest fans of my blog (and food) he is not my most discriminating taste tester. That would be my pooches, Sushi and Rocky. I posteda while ago about one of their regular dinners. They are probably the most spoiled animals on the planet. They get to eat what we eat, minus the un-doggy friendly ingredients, of course. The lucky dogs have even traveled to Germany twice. Although I assume they have no idea they are not in Florida… other than the fact it is cold and my father in law sneaks them German sausage for breakfast.

This is a sweet chocolaty cookie that is only for the dogs. Before you panic about me feeding the dogs chocolate, the ingredients are all natural and are doggy friendly. There is neither sugar nor chocolate in it. Instead it contains honey and carob powder. But shhhhh… don’t tell them, asI think I may have fooled them!

Sushi seems interested…

Dog treats are a fun project of mine that I’m hoping to turn into a business one day, so I’ll just share the (all natural) ingredients. I’ve been developing recipes for a while, and will eventually need four legged taste testers for future batches of treats. I’ll keep everyone posted!

Choco-dogo-cookie ingredients: eggs, honey, vegetable oil, flour, wheat flour, carob powder, cinnamon, almonds.