Happy Birthday Buckaroo

Just when all of you think I’m perfectly sane, I go out and bake a cake for my dog.This isa special day for Rocky, our 2nd born. He is a rescue, and sincewe don’t knowhis actual birthday, we celebrate the day we adopted him… two years ago today. He’s been a bit of a problem pooch as he has some slight behavior issues… Irefer to him as five pounds of raw aggression. However, once he gets to know you, this little guy doles out big buckets o’ love. That’s how he got the nickname Bucky, but he also answers to Rocky and Stinkster.

Thisisnot just a boring cake, but a savory one flavored with pureed chicken and… yes… that’s real bacon lining the sides. Carrots add sweetness and a nice fleck of color. The frosting is simply yogurt andcottage cheese pureed with a dab of swiss cheese (for extra stinky factor) and cake crumbs to make it stiff enough to be spreadable. The candles were Pupperonis cut in half. Good stuff. I’d almost eat it… ehhhh almost.

All Natural Ingredients list: Vegetable oil, eggs, chicken, flour, baking powder, carrots, low-sodium bacon, cottage cheese, yogurt, swiss cheese.

Before they got to eat the cake, the dogs had already worked themselves into a lather… its not often we have real bacon at home. I kept thinking of that obnoxious commercial fordog treatswhere the dog isyelling bacon,BACON, BACON!!!! The poor dogswere practically drooling with anticipation before I let them eat the cake. They both got a teensy slice of cake which theyate with a vengeance.

Also, a quick plug for Petfinder.com, where we found Rocky. I’m a big advocate of pet rescue and have rescued both of my dogs.If you’re looking for a fourlegged additionto your family, please considerrescuing an animal before going to a pet store. There are so many loving pets out there that need homes!