Happy Halloween – Now GO VOTE!

Now I’m not going to get all political on my blog, because it is a food blog. I won’t even tell you who I’ve voted for.

But… I found this site, Yes We Carve, and knew I had to join in the festivities. I’m not usually one to carve a pumpkin because,honestly, I’m not that creative. In the past, when I did carve one, it was just a sad slash mouth with two teeth andtriangle eyes/nose. Not pretty. But now that I’ve discovered Jack O’Lantern templates, I plan to do more carving in the future. It was actually lots of fun.

Now for the moral of the post. If you’re an American, it is yourduty to vote. Of course… I’d like everyone to vote for the candidate I support. Again, since I’m not going to get political, I won’t say who Stephan and I voted for a few days ago during early voting. :)

Have a safe and fun Halloween and weekend! Please vote on Tuesday, November 4th!