My Favorite Jam

We saw the great Pearl Jam last night at the Cruzan Ampitheater up in West Palm Beach. I’ve been a Pearl Jam fan since they came out with Jeremy and Better Man back when I was in college. Sheesh, that was a long time ago, 1994? Anyway, it is a must see if they come to your city. Eddie Vetter sounds as good today as he did 15 years ago.

Funny story… As usual, Stephan wanted to bring (sneak) his professional camera to the concert. So I pulled out my old enormous “movie theater” handbag, and shoved the camera body and 6 inch lens inside. Well… we got busted and were told by a seemingly knowledgable gentleman that we can bring lenses that are only “this big” (fingers held about 3 inches apart.) Huh… weird. What’s the difference between a lens that is 3 inches and 6 inches? So we did what any very persistant person (aka my husband) would do. I left the camera body in my bag and walked through by myself. Stephan put the lens in his pocket and tried to find the dumbest looking employee at the gate. Luckily, he found one that was real good and dumb. When she asked him to take the lens out of his pocket he did so and told her it was binoculars. She let him through… no problem. So next time you want to take a huge professional camera to a concert… tell the staff it’s binoculars. :D

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