My Milkshake Brings All the Boys…

OK, maybe not MY milkshake, but Robert’s Milkshake sure does! Every time we go down to the keys, we stop at the Robert is Here Fruit Stand in Florida City for a milkshake. His stand is located just off of US 1, on Palm Ave. There is a giant sign above the building that says ROBERT IS HERE. You can’t miss it. They have amazing fresh fruit shakes, from mamey to papaya, to my favorite… Passion Fruit. Mmmmm. I usually get Passion-banana or Passion-strawberry. Perhaps next time, I’ll branch out and get passion-papaya? I’d like to think they are made of fat-free yogurt, but they are just too creamy and yummy for that to be true. At this point, I enjoy them so much, I’d rather not know.

Robert’s Fruit Stand also has every type of fresh veggie and tropical fruit you can imagine. We also usually stop on the way home (for another milkshake, snort, snort) and some fruits and veggies. The last time we stopped, we got fresh passion fruit and an avocado as big as my head. They also have amazing tomatoes that actually taste like… tomato. Fascinating, right? Definitely check it out when you’re in the neighborhood.

We then stopped in Islamorada at the Islamorada Fish Company. The “food” is just shy of OK… sorry for my blunt honesty! The Key Lime Pie, however, is fantabulous. Its baked and served in an oversized coffee mug, and has about equal parts of graham cracker crust and custard. The crust has chopped nuts mixed in, and is just out of this world. I could easily eat a bowl of the crust, but that would be wrong. It’s a must try on the way down to the keys, but I suggest you just go for dessert!

I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging at the end of the week when we get home! We’re spending a few much appreciated (and needed) days of relaxation down here in Key West. Its been a crazy month with seven weddings, as my husband is a professional wedding photographer. (Insert shameless plug here lol!) However… when we get back, its going to be all salads and uber-healthy foods until Christmas since we’re eating like piggies on our vacay!