My New Kitchen

For the next two weeks, I won’t be cooking much, as I’m getting a brand new kitchen!!! I’m just beside myself with excitement. I currently have an ugly white builders grade kitchen that is sadly only 9 years old. The microwave looks like something exploded in it and the dishwasher is so loud you can’t hear anything else when it is running. Also, for some strange reason, the fridge is white and the stove and dishwasher are black. It appears some of the cabinets were made of cardboard, or maybe something slightly stronger than cardboard… absolute crap. So needless to say, I’m ready for a new kitchen.

We decided to do an Ikea kitchen, as they have very nice looking cabinets for great prices. It’s not the highest quality, (not solid wood) but that’s ok, since we’re hoping to be in a new house in the next few years anyway. I’ll keep uploading pics for anyone interested. Here are before pictures:
This is what I came home to yesterday. Demolition… check! Isn’t my new fridge sexy? :P
My Guest Bedroom is now the “kitchen” Why the heck do I have not one, but TWO crockpots when I don’t use them??? Thank god I have a large pantry for all my food and other stuff because I have a ridiculous amount of dishes, pots, pans etc… Some girls buy shoes, I buy pots and pans.
Stay tuned for more pics of my new digs!



  • Swedish Mike 9 YEARS AGO

    Wow! That looks awesome. And here I was feeling happy about my new, non-shared, kitchen :(

    I hope everything turns out ok and am looking forward to seeing what you cook up in the new kitchen.

    // Mike

  • Courtney 9 YEARS AGO

    wow what a big project. i cant wait to see the end result how exciting.

  • Katie 9 YEARS AGO

    Oooh! I’ll DEFINITELY be tuned it. I LOVE redos. Especially kitchen ones! Sounds like it’ll be great!

  • Patricia Scarpin 9 YEARS AGO

    I’m moving to my new place next week and will be buried in boxes as well! :)
    I’m sure your new kitchen will be wonderful and can’t wait to see photos of it!

  • VeggieGirl 9 YEARS AGO

    GORGEOUS KITCHEN!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!! :0)

  • peabody 9 YEARS AGO

    Yay for new kitchens!!!

  • Ashley 9 YEARS AGO

    That rocks! Looks awesome so far! Can’t wait to see more pics!

  • Dawn 9 YEARS AGO

    Your fridge is HOT! Although the renovation is PAINFUL, and believe me I know, the end results are so worth it. You’ll have to give us two weeks of restaurant and take out reviews. Or reviews on your favorite plastic ware and paper plates at the very least. Good luck and have fun. You will enjoy cooking so much more in your fab new space!

  • Blind Mind 9 YEARS AGO

    Remodeling your kitchen is a great experience. I had a galley type kitchen that looked like an 80’s coke den. Run down appliances, mirrored (yes, you read correctly) cabinets, the whole nine. Now the thing is kickass! I ended up going w/ Frigidaire appliances and they have been great. Good luck w/ the remodel!

  • Rolanda 9 YEARS AGO

    Oh,Yes !But where is your new dream kitchen ?
    I`m very excited !

  • Mrs Ergül 9 YEARS AGO

    I went to see photos of your pantry and I will be so proud of it too if it was mine! I like how organized it is. I totally envy people who has a pantry cuz here in Singapore where space is limited, no one really has a pantry in flats… I will be darn excited to have a new kitchen too!

  • mom2mateo 9 YEARS AGO

    Strange question I know but can you please tell me where you got your sofa/bed in the guestbedroom?

  • brilynn 9 YEARS AGO

    Ah I’m so jealous! I would love a new kitchen, looks like fun!

  • Candace 9 YEARS AGO

    Thanks everyone! I’m soooo ready for this to be finished. I miss cooking!
    Mom to Mateo… we got the futon at The Futon Store in Ft Lauderdale on Federal Hwy.

  • Monica C. 9 YEARS AGO

    YEYE. I am so excited to see the end result ;) I am specially excited to see how IKEA does kitchens so I am living vicariously through you.

  • Jescel 9 YEARS AGO

    lucky you!

  • Pam Arendall-Arnais 9 YEARS AGO

    I personally don’t think that there is *anything* wrong with Ikea kitchens, so you rock on! I covet the cabinetry there every time I visit. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  • Jessi – Miamicubajam 9 YEARS AGO

    How exciting. By the way, I have the same exact fridge and love it. Can’t wait to see the rest of the kitchen complete.

  • leslie 9 YEARS AGO

    “Builders Grade” Kitchen! LOL..isnt that the truth..dont they always take the cheapest route possible! Yeah..the white fridge is kinda out of place!

  • catering equipment 9 YEARS AGO

    Lovely new kitchen!!

  • Amy 9 YEARS AGO

    Hi — love your blog. So much so that I’ve listed you on my new blog From the French Kitchen:

    I love the way your kitchen is coming together. I’m jealous!

    I’m very new to this and am fascinated by so many great food blogs. I hope you’ll have a second to look at my site and give me any tips you have.


  • Aran 9 YEARS AGO

    lucky you!

  • Confessions of a Foodie 9 YEARS AGO

    Can’t wait to see the new kitchen, our current one has all slick black appliances, only 2 years old….. The problem is our overall kitchen is too small…. can’t wait to see your final remodel… wish it was me!!

  • blanca cruz 9 YEARS AGO

    hi;candace. i look at the kitchen everytime at work with you mom wathever we have time.
    She is always talking about you and your brother. She is very proud to have you as adauther. I will like to see the kitchen ready.

  • Trina 9 YEARS AGO

    Wow, your “mess” looks better than my “neat” :)

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