My New Kitchen

For the next two weeks, I won’t be cooking much, as I’m getting a brand new kitchen!!! I’m just beside myself with excitement. I currently have an ugly white builders grade kitchen that is sadly only 9 years old. The microwave looks like something exploded in it and the dishwasher is so loud you can’t hear anything else when it is running. Also, for some strange reason, the fridge is white and the stove and dishwasher are black. It appears some of the cabinets were made of cardboard, or maybe something slightly stronger than cardboard… absolute crap. So needless to say, I’m ready for a new kitchen.

We decided to do an Ikea kitchen, as they have very nice looking cabinets for great prices. It’s not the highest quality, (not solid wood) but that’s ok, since we’re hoping to be in a new house in the next few years anyway. I’ll keep uploading pics for anyone interested. Here are before pictures:
This is what I came home to yesterday. Demolition… check! Isn’t my new fridge sexy? :P
My Guest Bedroom is now the “kitchen” Why the heck do I have not one, but TWO crockpots when I don’t use them??? Thank god I have a large pantry for all my food and other stuff because I have a ridiculous amount of dishes, pots, pans etc… Some girls buy shoes, I buy pots and pans.
Stay tuned for more pics of my new digs!