Now We’re Cookin’ for Real

This past weekend we finally finished the kitchen. Its been quite a trying time. During this period, our air conditioner has leaked repeatedly, and even worse… our internet was on and off (mostly off.) At this stage in my life, I don’t know how to live without the internet… especially with all the spare time I’ve had because I haven’t been cooking and blogging. Do you know how many times I’ve desperately needed to Google something? Comcast is now and will remain #1 on my shit list. They hire trained monkeys to answer the phones… yes… poo flinging monkeys.

So then, after my kitchen was FINALLY finished, my pooch Sushi got very sick. I spent countless hours in the emergency veterinarian’s office this past weekend. After about $500 spent, we find out that she’s having extreme muscle spasms. All she needed was a muscle relaxer, nice relaxing massage andacupuncture… I declined thearomatherapyand salt scrub, because she just wouldn’t appreciate it as much. You know… she is a dog after all!

OK… I’ll stop blathering on about my recent woes and geton to the real reason for this post… my new kitchen. I am incredibly happy with my new kitchen. It’s beyond fabulous and everything I was hoping it would be. I did tons of research online before choosing all the items for my kitchen, and felt I got fantastic deals on everything. I’m a major sale shopper/deal lover.

As you can see, we kept the basic layout of the old kitchen, except removed the old-school bar and did a much larger one level counter height island. Another thingwe replaced wasthesmall double sink with one extra large deep sink. I could almost bathe in this bad boy… Surprisingly,the sinkis one of my favorite features of my new kitchen. Ok, that and the quiet dishwasher… and the gorgeous granite… and the fab faucet… and the sassy backsplash… OK… I love it all. ItsALL my favorite. :D

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen any time soon, let me know and I’d love to share some tips with you. Also, we are very very happy with the installers. Dimas and Roberto were very reasonably priced and did a fantastic job. Email me if you would like their contact information. I’m so excited to be back to my regularly scheduled blogging this week!

Check it out and let me know what you think! For more photos, check outStephan’s Blog