OK… who hasn’t seen this delicious movie? Ratatouille is officially my new favorite animated movie, perhaps even my current favorite movie! Confession: I love animated flicks, and have about 20 assorted Disney VHS Tapes that I can’t seem to part with. Funny thing is that we no longer own a VHS player… what’s a girl to do, huh? I’ve been collecting them since high school… and yes, that was many moons ago! Darn the creators of DVD!

Anyway, now that I’ve shared a slightly embarrassing confession, lets dish about the movie. Its about a rat that has a very well developed palate. And he cooks… very well. He teams up with a gawky kid that can’t cook worth a flip and the two of them cook at a famous restaurant in Paris. I don’t want to give away too much, but its a definite must see.