So I Did Something Crazy…

I auditioned for TheNext Food Network Star. The Food Network had an open casting here in Miami, and I received an email from a casting person viamy blog. That in itself was quite exciting… wonder how they found me??? Anyway, the casting was last week, the inital interview went very well and I was asked to come back the following day for an on-camera demo and interview.

I was beside myself. I so much wanted to run out of the casting office, screaming “I GOT A GOLDEN TICKET,” but I refrained.You gotta have a little class, right? So I waited until I was in the car with Stephan to make a total and complete fool of myself. When I came out of the casting office I was immediatelyinterviewed by a reporter at The Miami Herald. I probably sounded like an idiot because I was so excited…meh… what are you gonna do? Stephan and I both got mentioned in the article… cool stuff!

For the on-camera demo, I made my beloved Apple Strip. It was a strange feeling, with the camera, the lights, the microphone clipped to my shirt. But it was cool, very cool! I feel like I did well, but I was so incrediblynervous. I had never been in front of a camera before. I had a baked and garnished apple strip ready, along with all the ingredients to put it together on camera.I think I even said voila! when I pulled the finished product out of hiding. I suppose I could be a tiny bit of a drama queen when I want! :P

Anyway, just thought I would share my excitement with my fellow bloggers/friends!I have my fingers crossed that I will get another call from the Food Network to tell me I made the next round. However… even if I didn’t, its OK, as this was a fantastic experience for me!

Also, I absolutely must thank my hubby, Stephan,for being there with me every step of the way. He said he just wanted to be there to occasionally yell out “YOU CAN DO IT.” And he really did that… and then surprised me with an uber-fancy dinner at Prime 112 to celebrate! Thank you honey, you’re the best!