Things Could Be Worscht

Today is the day all of the Daring Bakers post their monthly treat for all to see. Since I’m out of the country right now, I haven’t been able to do mine. I actually made the lavash (crackers) here, but I just don’t have the time to get the post done. But things could be worscht..

I’ve come to think of Germany as “The Land of Sausage.” Well… that is because it is. The variety of tube-steak here is utterly mind boggling. Just in the regular grocery store, you can find hundreds of different weiners. You can find it in the refrigerated area, the fancy stuff in the butcher area… even suspended in liquid and unrefrigerated. This one scares me a bit. Meat that doesn’t need refrigeration makes me think of spam. Spam is bad… on many levels. This is where I found a peculiar shape of weiner. Balls. Yes, in Germany, you can find weiners in the shape of balls. I can just imagine the lovely display you could create with weiner balls (appropriately called Party Balls.)

Due to the immense worscht eating society, I’ve noticed a peculiar by-product… a phenomena, if you will. Worscht Air. The air is scented with it. You can be having a nice walk in the neighborhood, and it is possible to catch a whiff. Walk in the city, and you definitely smell it, coming from the grills at the outdoor worscht stalls. I think the frankfurter sellers here have found a way to release the smell into the air, so people constantly crave it… Anyone else that has been in Frankfurt know what I mean?

We’re leaving first thing in the morning for Miami…. it was a fabulous vacation, and three weeks suddenly seemed too short… :(