Turning Over a New Leaf

I know… it has been almost two months since my last post. But in case you haven’t noticed, something is different ’round these parts. Welcome to MY BRAND SPANKING NEW BLOG! I Shot the Chef 2.0 is now here for your viewing pleasure. My wonderful husband Stephan, who also happens to be my personal photographer and web designer, has been working hard on all the details of my new blog. Hope you like it! Thank you Stephan for spending so much time to make me the most gorgeous and functional blog! You da Bomb!

On to the fabulous veggies… I’ve always had an awful black thumb. When it comes to houseplants and herbs, I’d be a convicted murderer. So many times I’ve bought herb plants and they died within a week or so. My mother is the queen of African Violets (and many other plants) and my dad has an enormous vegetable garden, so I don’t know where my black thumb came from. I guess I just didn’t understand (or appreciate) how simple it was to grow your own food… until recently.

The past few years, we’ve visited Stephan’s parent’s in September which is the tail end of growing season in Germany. I would eat dozens of amazing cherry tomatoes every day when I’m there (along with the AMAZING German Bread… mmmm.) I decided this year that I would actually try my own garden. The fact that my in laws were coming to visit us a few months later and my father in law was going to hook me up with an automatic drip irrigation system really helped boost my confidence. So I did it. I planted a plethora of tomatoes and peppers and now I see the light. Yes, I have to spend time on the garden and it is definitely a daily chore, but the benefits are so amazing that it is totally and completely worth it. I haven’t bought peppers or tomatoes in at least 2 months. I figure I have still at least another month of both.

Every other day I go out and pick two pints of cherry tomatoes and a regular tomato or two. Can you imagine how cool it is to go out in your backyard and do that? Very. I highly suggest anyone that has a little bit of yard or even a big apartment terrace to try planting some veggies. You can’t beat the flavor and it is truly organic. If you want to see more pictures of my garden, check out my flickr gallery.



  • Stephan Maloman 9 YEARS AGO

    Home grown’ baby, home grown’. The new blog is delicious looking. High fives!

  • Egle 9 YEARS AGO

    Finally, you’re back!!! Though I liked the old one, new ‘outfit’ sooooo good. Incredible job (applause to Stephan). Looks really great!

    Waiting for some new recipes.

  • Alicia 9 YEARS AGO

    I know I already said it, but I LOVE the new layout!

    I’m inspired to try gardening too :) Will have to do my research on how to start.


    The garden looks fantastic! Love the new look of the blog too :)

  • Amanda 9 YEARS AGO

    Your new web looks fantastic. Pretty and very snazzy. Welcome back!

  • Rolanda 9 YEARS AGO

    Your blog looks awersome! but your vegi…you can be proud!

  • Lilly 9 YEARS AGO

    I love it. Very sophisticated, clean. I used to go to your blog all the time and look for recipes, I’m going to move it back up on the bookmarks. Very nice.

  • Paula 9 YEARS AGO

    I love the new look! I just moved to a new house and I’m hoping to plant a garden… I’m also not very good with plants but I’m looking forward to learning.

  • Letty 9 YEARS AGO

    You’ve inspired me…but, the daily chore sidenote kinda killed my momentum. I’m going to google right now and maybe start with one thing – maybe that suspended tomato bag that I’ve seen on the informercials!

  • Sabrina&Luca 9 YEARS AGO

    We really like your blog, so many compliemnts to your husband for all the hard work he did!
    As for the veggies, we have bought lots of herbs plants, such as rosemary, chives, parsley, sage, thyme, red capsicum, basil and so on and these are the only plants we are able to keep alive!
    Hugs, Sabrina&Luca

  • adam 9 YEARS AGO

    what’s that next to the rosemary? cilantro?

    • Candace 9 YEARS AGO

      Yes, that is Cilantro

  • ashley 9 YEARS AGO

    glad you’re back to blogging!! looks good!

  • Dea 9 YEARS AGO

    funny enough, i had the same “black thumb” problem ever now and then. but now that we moved into a very sunny apartment, all of the sudden everything works out fine!

    we put seeds of beans, cresses etc in pots and our windowsill looks like a jungle by now haha!

    concerning the bought-herbs: they are meant to be used withing a few days so its not your fault they die!

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  • I visited your blog after a long time today and was so thrilled to see all these new posts and the new design. As always, your food looks gorgeous.
  • The best!
  • wow great pictures! the filling sounds really interesting.. I have lots of leftover egg whites that I've been wanting to use up...I'm definitely making them! thanks for the recipe : )
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  • Absolutely mind-blowing. I tried doing spoons once.....do your spoons have a rounded bowl or a flat surface. Did many break if you were trying to push it in a little to make it have a little depth.

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