I am a classically trained chef that no longer works in the industry. After Culinary School, I worked in fine dining at a Four Seasons Hotel, but burned out very quickly. Now I prefer to spend my free time cooking for my husband, photographer extraordinaire, Stephan. He and I have a great deal going… he takes fab photos of my food, and then gets to consume it afterwards. Who do you think gets the better deal?

My other two loves also benefit greatly from my cooking… my two Chihuahuas, Sushi and Rocky. I cook them dinner every night and make doggie cookies and biscuits whenever I have the extra time. Needless to say, the pups are quite spoiled!

A trend you will see over and over in my blog is quick, easy AND healthy food. As much as I love to cook, I don’t like to spend hours cooking a meal. Most of my recipes take less than an hour to cook, start to finish.

This blog is a joint effort, combining my love of cooking and my husband’s love of photography. I am a chef… I cook. Stephan is a photographer… he shoots.


Your feedback and comments are always very much appreciated, in addition you can
always contact me via Email, Facebook & Twitter (@ishotthechef).

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