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This month’s challenge was much different than most of the other challenges. Not only is it savory, it’s an entree. It is “real” Italian lasagne… not the ricotta laden version that most of us are used to. The March 2009 challenge is hosted by Mary of Beans and Caviar, Melinda of Melbourne Larder and Enza of Io Da Grande. They have chosen Lasagne of Emilia-Romagna from The Splendid Table by Lynne Rossetto Kasper as the challenge. The recipe is VERY long… you can find it on one of their blogs. Check out the other Daring Baker’s Lasagne here, and all of my past Daring Baker posts here.

This was my first time making pasta at home. I’ve made it when I was in culinary school, but that was 10 years ago. I had to use three and a half eggs instead of the two called for in the recipe. Must have been because I had large eggs, not the jumbo size in the recipe. I definitely realized how much it helps to have a pasta roller. Seriously… I have sore arms as I type this. I couldn’t get the dough as thin as I would have liked, but it turned out good enough. I let it dry overnight over dish cloth covered chairs. The sheets of pasta were quite brittle the following day when I was ready to cook it. Some broke into pieces as I removed them from the chairs. However, it wasn’t a big deal because when you layer the pasta sheets in the pan, it doesn’t really matter if the sheets were perfect.

I felt there was not enough bechamel sauce for the recipe. I had to make another 1/2 recipe to have a nice thin coating on each of the 4 layers of pasta. Especially since the top was coated with the bechamel. I altered the ragu recipe a bit. I really wasn’t digging the pure meat sauce, so instead of adding three roma tomatoes, added an entire 28 oz can of roma tomatoes with the sauce. I was very happy with the outcome. I was also very happy that the butcher at Publix made special amounts of the veal and skirt steak… because you just can’t find 8 oz of steak in the meat department. I did have the perfect amount of ragu sauce.. with just one bite left (that I ate, of course!)

Other than that, I followed the recipes exactly. I was very happy with the outcome. The flavors were distinct and the lack of cheese really brought out the ragu flavor. I now want to invest in a pasta roller so I can make more homemade pasta.



  • Bettina 9 YEARS AGO

    as always, it looks delicious!!

  • elra 9 YEARS AGO

    Amazing, your lasagna really look delicious. I really like how thin and perfectly layers.

  • VeggieGirl 9 YEARS AGO

    You ROCKED your first time making pasta at home!! Love it!!

  • Dana McCauley 9 YEARS AGO

    Yum – it looks rustic and wonderful and I can almost taste it! I didn’t do this month’s challenge but now I’m wishing I had!

  • Namratha 9 YEARS AGO

    Your lasagna looks perfect, well done! :)

  • Treehouse Chef 9 YEARS AGO

    This looks delicious! Great photos! Excellent overview of the pasta making process. I have not finished my challenge yet–will be posting in a few days.

  • Audax Artifex 9 YEARS AGO

    Great effort on this challenge just love the photos especially the 2nd one – looks really meaty. I did the rolling by hand this was one good recipe I thought.

  • Feng 9 YEARS AGO

    mmm….looks delicious!

  • Elizabeth 9 YEARS AGO

    Pasta roller definitely makes the whole process a breeze! Beautiful lookin lasagna!

  • Heidi / Savory Tv 9 YEARS AGO

    Excellent job! It looks like it was well worth the effort!

  • Kristen 9 YEARS AGO

    This looks AMAZING!!! Where’s the recipe? I’d love to try it!!

  • Alex 7 YEARS AGO

    I have had very good luck using crepes in place of lasagna noodles.

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  • I visited your blog after a long time today and was so thrilled to see all these new posts and the new design. As always, your food looks gorgeous.
  • The best!
  • wow great pictures! the filling sounds really interesting.. I have lots of leftover egg whites that I've been wanting to use up...I'm definitely making them! thanks for the recipe : )
  • I did have this salad when we visited the Philippines! It was certainly delicious and very fulfilling. Although this dish is more Japanese in origin, that restaurant gave it its own twist. The Filipinos really have a good palate for excellent food! Anyway, thank you for the recipe. I will surely give this a try!
  • Absolutely mind-blowing. I tried doing spoons once.....do your spoons have a rounded bowl or a flat surface. Did many break if you were trying to push it in a little to make it have a little depth.

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