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So we’ve been traveling. A lot. In the past month, we’ve been to Chicago, Germany, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Philadelphia and New York. Some of the travel was for our business, Maloman Photographers, doing photo shoots and photographing weddings. But the bulk of it was for vacation. A much needed one too. Needless to say I’ve been eating in many different restaurants. I tried to take notes so I could share with you all for future travels.


We were there for two photo shoots and eating. Ok… we go everywhere for food. I had one of the best breakfasts EVER at a little place called The Bongo Room. BANANA BACON PANCAKES. Yes, you read that right. AMAZING stuff. We also had an decadent breakfast at Orange (try the pancake sampler!) and fabulous steaks at Gibsons Steakhouse. Also, for ridiculously good barbecue and blues music, try Smoke Daddy’s… Amazing ribs and they had a huge selection of beers. Lastly, I know this is bloody tourist of us, but we had a blast on the Wendella Boat tour around the city. Highly recommend!


We enjoyed most of our meals at Casa Maloman (my inlaws home) because my mother in law is a great cook. We had fresh Germany Brochen (little buns) every morning with an assorted spread like cheese, salami, preserves… etc. We did check out one of the most adorable pastry shops I’ve ever seen, Iimori Patisserie. This bakery was a fusion of Japanese flavors and very typical French pastries. Needless to say, I was in heaven! It is very pricey… 4 euros for a tiny sliver of cake, but well worth it. Quality, not quantity! A definite must if you ever find yourself in Frankfurt, Germany!


Yup, all the rumors are true… Amsterdam is one wild and crazy place. I do admit I was quite confused at the large selection of… ahem…. teas in the coffee shops. They sure smelled funny and had odd names like laughing buda and california haze. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. :P Instead of staying in the city, we stayed in a tiny fishing village, Volendam, a few kilometers from Amsterdam. I highly suggest anyone that goes to Amsterdam check out this place. It is only a 20 minute bus ride to Amsterdam. There were sheep everywhere. I don’t think I’ve ever seen sheep other than at a petting zoo. We ate in Volendam at a little restaurant called De Dijk the first night. I had the Pan Sauteed Sole with lemon Butter and Stephan had the pan sauteed Cod. Talk about fresh fish! Of course we also had pomme frites and pancakes while in Amsterdam. Schmoke and a pancake? We had yummy soup at a carry out place called the Soup Kitchen. For tourist things, we went to the Sex Museum and the Anne Frank House. Both highly interesting in their own special way. We also did the boat tour in Amsterdam… best way to see the city!

The “teas” in Amsterdam Coffee shops… what?


Stephan and I went to Paris for our honeymoon almost 6 years ago. It was in December and was so cold that Stephan swore he’d take me back in the Spring. Well, he delivered and we added Paris to our Euro Road trip. It was much more enjoyable this time since I could feel my toes and didn’t have snot-sicles. We had several amazing dinners, starting with tiny place called A la Petite Chaise where I had Sea Bass with Chervil Marinade and a bitter chocolate tart. Then we have a funny little story about our second dinner. Online, I found a restaurant called Cafe Constant, a reasonably priced Christian Constant place that was rumored to have fabulous food. Well cheap and good? Yes please! So walking along, we found a place called Les Cocottes de Christian Constant. It was in the right location and I just assumed it was the right place because of his name so we sat down and had the BEST Provencal beef stew I’ve ever had. I loved the whole vibe of this place… they served all dinners in little Staub cocottes. We also split a tasty Country style pate and pistachio Creme Brule. When we left the restaurant, we decided to walk in a different direction. So then two doors down, we passed Cafe Constant. I found out that Christian Constant has three restaurants on Rue Dominique in Les Invalides. Really? So of course, the next night, we went to Cafe Constant and I wasn’t disappointed! I had the Sea Bass a la Plancha with sweet potatoes. So good! Then we split the Profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce. This should be outlawed it is so good. I was so impressed with Christian Constant and his restaurants that I purchased one of his cookbooks. I’m a fan!

You can see many more photos of our travels on our Flickr PhotoStream.



  • heather @ chiknpastry 9 YEARS AGO

    great summary of the trip(s)! on the chicago front: i LOVE bongo room (and btw, it’s in my ‘hood, so that’s a perk, assuming you went to the wicker park location, which i think might be the only one now…). we used to go to orange all the time for the pancake flights, but the service has gotten so bad that we had to stop! the hubs really liked smoke daddys, but i haven’t been, and we’ve hit gibsons up a few times too – GREAT steak. if you come back, you gotta go to hot chocolate and mado. and about oh, twenty more spots!

  • Nithya 9 YEARS AGO

    Your trip sounds amazing! I’ll definitely be consulting this site when I plan my own Eurotrip. Your photographs are stunning, as usual :)

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