Pierre’s Restaurant, Islamorada

Its been a crazy week for us…Weddings, photo shoots,plus I auditioned forsomething (which I can’t really talk about now!) SoI haven’t had the time to cook as much as usual. Today my post is about the food at Pierre’s Restaurantin Islamorada, Florida. Stephan and I photographed an amazing weddingand dined on some absolutely fabulous food. We always eat wonderful food at weddings, but this was so good and unexpected I felt the need to blog about it and spread the word. I had no idea that there was a fine dining restaurant in Islamorada, as most of the restaurants are old school diner style and quite casual. Next time you’re there, definitely check out Pierre’s Restaurant, you will not be disappointed.

Stephan had the Filet Mignon that was served with garlic mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, demi-glas and bernaise Sauce.pierre_01.jpg

I had perfectly seasoned Mahi Mahi served over chive mashed potatoes, haricot verts and a pepper coulis.