We just got back from a little jaunt in the Black Forest, known here as Schwarzwald. We decided to take the scenic route all the way around the mountain to the hotel, instead of the Autobahn. Very good decision. You absolutely must check out Stephan’s blog for pictures he took. We stopped often to take photos of the breathtaking scenery.

We stayed, literally, in the middle of nowhere. That was exactly what we wanted. The hotel, Waldsagmuhle, was wonderful. Its a tiny (30 room) hotel, but the service is beyond impeccable. I also think it was the cleanest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in. Fabulous, simply fabulous.

Our original plan was to eat dinner in nearby Baiersbronn, as there are not one, but THREE Michelin starred restaurants there, some of the best in Germany. When I saw the menu at our tiny hotel, I knew I had to try it instead. The giant spoon and whisk at the entrance also helped make my decision to try the fare there instead. Another good decision we made! The food was wonderful. Although they had my favorite fish (Angler fish) on the menu, I decided to try the regional specialty, Maultaschen or Swebian Pockets. It is a house-made pasta filled with herb infused veal, served with a red wine sauce. AMAZING! I always like to try the regional specialties, as they must be good and you really can’t get it elsewhere.

And yes, of course, I had a nice big piece of Black Forest Gateau from a small bakery. Unfortunately, it was so good, I didn’t think of taking a picture until I was almost finished eating it. Oh well… You’ll just have to believe me that it was the best piece of Black Forest Cake I have ever had!

On the way home, we stopped in Heidelberg, and for you South Floridians, no, not the restaurant in Ft Lauderdale! :P It was such a great city, right on the side of a mountain. We walked the city, and stopped in a little cafe for Flammkuchen. This dish is the specialty of the French Alsace region, which is right on the German/France Border. It resembles a very thin pizza, but has creme fraiche instead of tomato sauce, and is as thin as a tortilla or crepe. I had the traditional topping for the region, which was ham and cheese. Good stuff!