I’d love to see how everyone pronounces that word! We traveled to Colmar France to attend the Weihnachtsmarkt, which is German for Christmas Market. Colmar is close to the German/French border (on the French side) and is just beautiful. It has a lovely blend of French and German architecture, as it was once a part of Germany. At the Christmas Market, we drank Gluhwein, which is a curious mixture of red wine, honey and spices, and is served hot. Its the absolutely best thing to warm you when you’re in cold weather. Everyone is walking around with a cup of gluhwein and breads, pastry and everything else you can imagine at Christmas. Colmar has several Christmas Markets, so we walked from one to another while sampling the gluhwein and goodies.

How do you like my hat? Every time I put it on, I immediately speak with a Swedish accent and think my name is Helga. hehe. Its not easy for a South Floridian to spend time in a cold climate, as “cold” for me is when it dips down into the low 60’s.colmar_01.jpg

Yummy mocha cappuccino from a little coffee shop we stopped in when my toes were frozen.

After walking the city, we stopped in at Restaurant Bartholdi for dinner. The food was wonderful, but it was a bit difficult to order as the menu was only in French and Dutch. There was no English or German menu, and the server only spoke French. So we relied on my father in law’s basic French and my culinary schooling. I ended up having an amazing veal escallope with mushrooms served over spatezle. It was a good choice, although I would have loved a Boeuf Bourguignonne. Next time….

If you want to see some more pictures that we took in Colmar, check out Stephan’s blog.