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One of my “themes” for this blog is simplicity. I like to make simple food and simple desserts. From working as a pastry chef, I have the experience to make over the top desserts, but I just don’t have the time or energy to do it. This dessert is not like one of my usual desserts as it is fancy. Uber fancy… but I truly enjoyed making it. Thank you Daring Bakers for choosing it! To see more Daring Baker’s posts go here or go here to see all of my past Daring Baker posts.

This month’s challenge is brought to us by the adventurous Hilda from Saffron and Blueberry and Marion from Il en Faut Peu Pour Etre Heureux. They have chosen a French Yule Log by Flore from Florilege Gourmand. As with most challenges, we had many options for this dessert, but had to have the 6 elements of the yule log. This is not to be confused with the other version of a Yule Log, that we did last year.

I chose to make my yule log with a passion fruit mousse, as I had recently made white chocolate passion fruit truffles (which I plan to blog soon) and had leftover passion fruit puree in the freezer. I did NOT like the mousse preparation. How the hell can you heat 1/3 c cream and then temper egg yolks andcornstarch into it? I immediately had a brick of scrambled eggs the second I poured the tempered egg yolks back into the pot. So I had to do it again, but let it cool slightly before adding the tempered eggs.

The outcome is divine… I’m glad I decided to use passion fruit instead of chocolate, because the chocolate elements gave it enough of a chocolaty taste. I also could not find the gavottes (lace crepes) and used Rice Krispies instead. Strangely, that ended up being one of my favorite elements to this dessert! The wafer thin crisp layer was a very nice addition to the center of the soft mousse. Nice choice for this month’s challenge! Can’t wait to see what is up next month!



  • Gfron1 10 YEARS AGO

    Damn that’s beautiful! Bonus points for plating and great pics!

  • Renee 10 YEARS AGO

    Your log looks divine! I love your pictures – awesome!!

  • VeggieGirl 10 YEARS AGO

    BEYOND magnificent!!

  • claire 10 YEARS AGO

    This is absolutely amazing! I love the light tint of color from the mousse. Great job!

  • Amanda 10 YEARS AGO

    So amazing! I opted out of this challenge because it seemed too much and knowing me, I would’ve made a huge mess out of it. But yours is executed beautifully!

  • Amy 10 YEARS AGO

    Passionfruit mousse – how wonderful! I overloaded on chocolate and wished I had chosen something a bit lighter – this would have done the trick I believe!

    Cheers, Amy

  • Chris 10 YEARS AGO

    Exquisite plating and pictures! I look forward to the day when I muster up enough patience to try something like this :)

  • Aparna 10 YEARS AGO

    Your log looks gorgeous and the layers have come out so well. Love the presentation too.

    Best wishes for the festive season and a Happy New Year.

  • sea 10 YEARS AGO

    Beautiful photographs, and the flavors sound divine. I like the fruity take on this challenge- mine ended up being too death-by-chocolate for my taste, although I made it with a chocoholic friend in mind so it all worked out. :)


  • Vera 10 YEARS AGO

    Beautiful log, Candace! And I so love the passion fruit mousse idea!

  • veganpower 10 YEARS AGO

    wow amazing the pictures is very waouw !
    Gorgeous !

  • Rosa 10 YEARS AGO

    A beautiful log! What perfect layers!



  • Jude 10 YEARS AGO

    That is beautiful.. The plating, the whole log. wow.

  • kittynn 10 YEARS AGO

    It looks incredibly beautiful :)

  • Arlene 10 YEARS AGO

    Wow! seems so inadequate in the face of your incredibly beautiful rendition of the log.

  • Aran 10 YEARS AGO

    candance this is beautiful!

  • jackie 10 YEARS AGO

    That looks amazing!

  • sara 10 YEARS AGO

    This is SO beautiful! The passion fruit mousse sounds divine. :)

  • Hexe 10 YEARS AGO

    This is what I love about being a Daring Baker – one product, but many different results. Your Yule Log looks just incredible. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Feng 10 YEARS AGO

    woweee, your log looks so perfect! I love the idea of passionfruit mousse, absolutely divine!

  • Brake for Bread 10 YEARS AGO

    Gorgeous! Amazing plating and photography.

  • Hilda 10 YEARS AGO

    It looks and sounds delicious Candace. I used banana as I didn’t have any really good exotic fruit available to me. I’m glad you enjoyed the taste of it. Happy New Year!

  • chef_d 10 YEARS AGO

    your pictures are gorgeous! very pretty yule log!

  • Sugar Chef 10 YEARS AGO

    Beautiful job on your Yule Log. I loved your chocolate deco’s on the sides and your photography is amazing.

  • courtney 10 YEARS AGO

    Looks wonderful. I especially like the plating. And the use of passion fruit lightned it up. I hope you have a wonderful New Year.

  • Y 10 YEARS AGO

    Beautiful! I especially love the first two photos. Those passionfruit and white chocolate truffles sound divine too!

  • peabody 10 YEARS AGO

    Great plating and great layers. Job well done.
    Have a happy and healthy 2009!

  • Lucy 10 YEARS AGO

    That looks amazing – stunning pictures! I love the curled chocolate up the sides, and the passionfruit sounds lovely and fresh after all the Christmas indulgences :)

  • jillian 10 YEARS AGO

    Glad I was not alone with my mousse issues. Your final product is amazing!

  • Suzana 10 YEARS AGO

    Stunning presentation! And I love what you’ve done with the flavours.

    Happy New Year!

  • Apu 10 YEARS AGO

    Just beautiful!! Love the passionfruit idea…


  • Jescel 10 YEARS AGO

    It is divine!

  • Sarah 10 YEARS AGO

    Wow. That is just beautiful.

  • ashley 10 YEARS AGO

    there aren’t words to describe how fabulous this looks!!

  • Namratha 10 YEARS AGO

    Wow,very well plated and that’s a beautiful log!!

  • breadchick 10 YEARS AGO

    Very pretty log with gorgeous decorations!

  • sallykd 10 YEARS AGO

    the texture of your mousse and creme brulee look amazing…pics great!

  • Debyi 10 YEARS AGO

    Wow! That is an amazingly beautiful presentation. Great job! The passionfruit mousse sounds divine.

  • morgana 10 YEARS AGO

    It looks perfect, from the outside (I love how you decorated your log) and from the inside too (it looks really delicious).

    Congratulations for an amazing work on this challenge.

  • Mrs Ergül 10 YEARS AGO

    very beautiful way to plate this elegant cake!

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  • ana carolina 10 YEARS AGO

    I would love to have this recepie, is it posible?

  • kainoa 9 YEARS AGO

    i wonder how you made this perfect desert .Its cool decause of the desines .

  • erin 9 YEARS AGO

    wow. that looks like a masterpeice! are you sharing the recipie? :-)

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  • I visited your blog after a long time today and was so thrilled to see all these new posts and the new design. As always, your food looks gorgeous.
  • The best!
  • wow great pictures! the filling sounds really interesting.. I have lots of leftover egg whites that I've been wanting to use up...I'm definitely making them! thanks for the recipe : )
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  • Absolutely mind-blowing. I tried doing spoons your spoons have a rounded bowl or a flat surface. Did many break if you were trying to push it in a little to make it have a little depth.

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