Les Secrets Du Chocolat

On our way home from Colmar, we stopped in Strasbourg, France to tour the Les Secrets Du Chocolate Musee. AKA CHOCOLATE MUSEUM! It was fabulous… you walk into the building, and are immediately struck with a strong chocolate aroma. I learned quite a bit about chocolate that I was not aware of before. Interesting stuff. At the end, we all had a cup of hot chocolate. I don’t mean the kind that you add water to chocolate powder… this was the texture of warm ganache and was only slightly sweet. Fabulous, I tell ya! Of course, I had to make a little purchase in their gift store… my favorite chocolate, Gianduja which is a mixture of chocolate and hazelnut paste.



Very cool antique chocolate molds.


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  • amanda 11 YEARS AGO

    Ooo I’m jealous. A chocolate factory sounds like my heaven… and yes, I am totally guilty of drinking that powder cocoa stuff (sipping on it right now) but in my defense, it’s only cuz it was cheap!

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  • I visited your blog after a long time today and was so thrilled to see all these new posts and the new design. As always, your food looks gorgeous.
  • The best!
  • wow great pictures! the filling sounds really interesting.. I have lots of leftover egg whites that I've been wanting to use up...I'm definitely making them! thanks for the recipe : )
  • I did have this salad when we visited the Philippines! It was certainly delicious and very fulfilling. Although this dish is more Japanese in origin, that restaurant gave it its own twist. The Filipinos really have a good palate for excellent food! Anyway, thank you for the recipe. I will surely give this a try!
  • Absolutely mind-blowing. I tried doing spoons once.....do your spoons have a rounded bowl or a flat surface. Did many break if you were trying to push it in a little to make it have a little depth.

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