Hakuna Frittata!

Just like Lion King, when making a frittata, there are no worries! :)

I began my love of frittatas while working as a Pastry Chef at the Aquarium Restaurant in Kemah Texas. I often worked early mornings, prepping for the dinner service that night. The kitchen prep ladies would make breakfast for the staff, and one of the most popular items was a frittata. They would go from station to station, grabbing a handful of bacon from Garde Manger, perhaps some par-cooked Haricots Verts from the saute station, julienne of carrot… whatever tickled their fancy. I’ve even had it with lobster on a few occasions when the executive chef was away from the kitchen… but we were sworn to secrecy!frotada.jpg

Its about as easy as making an omelet, without the flipping or folding. I occasionally make a frittata as a quick breakfast, lunch or even an occasional no frills dinner. You can put any leftover meats or vegetables in it. I always add whatever cheese I have on hand.

Frittata Recipe

3 eggs, beaten
1 tbsp butter or olive oil
1/8 c shallot or onion, minced
1/8 c green or red pepper, diced
1/8 c tomato, seeded and diced
1/4 c shredded cheese (I used gruyere)
1 tbsp parsley

1. Preheat broiler, and place the oven rack about 6 inches from the top of the oven.

2. Heat a small (8 inch) non-stick oven safe pan over medium heat. Add the onion and pepper and saute for a few minutes until almost cooked. Beat the eggs with about 1 tbsp of water, half of the parsley, salt and pepper.

3. Pour in the egg mixture, stirring constantly for about 30 seconds with a heat resistant rubber spatula. Stop stirring and sprinkle the top with the tomato and shredded cheese. Allow to cook on the stove top, without stirring for another 2-3 minutes. Place the pan in the preheated oven, and broil until puffed and completely set, about 1-2 minutes. Do not overcook, as the eggs will become rubbery.

4. Slide onto a cutting board or serving platter and cut into wedges.

Makes 2 Servings